Hi there! I’m Ryan Wallace.  I’m a husband, dad, Christian, wearer of bow ties, gamer, and a Cyber Risk Analyst.

My mission is to spread the ♥ of Christ through approaching the world with an otherworldly-sense of wonder and sarcasm smothered in love, digging out those tasty little nuggets of truth that go well with coffee.

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I cover a variety of topics on my blog: anything from theological musings to corporate ideas and branding.

I like to dabble. I’m an “all-things to all people” kinda guy (1 Corinthians 9:19-23).

I’m a Libertarian and  Southern Baptist. Not the crazy kind, though.

I really hope you enjoy your stay here. And I hope you come back often.

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The Family (Ellen, AccrualBowtie, and Liam)