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Raise Your Hand if You Need Help

About a year ago I participated in an outdoor ropes course as part of a team-building event with my firm.

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Musings from Saint Patrick

Here a few items from Saint Patrick’s “Confessions” for today.

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People are not Functions

How often do we stop to consider people as people, and not functions? How many times do I walk by and not consider the past, hurt, heart, desires, fears and concerns of others?

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I Can Hear You Not Singing in Church

Here are some popular reasons I hear for not singing in a church.

If you’re not a Christian or identify as one, don’t feel weird reading this article – it’s intended for believers. If you are a believer, I challenge you in love to consider the following arguments and see if you are guilty of falling for them.

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Speak My Language

My wife and I try to take walks as often as we can during the week. It’s hard since we both work full-time, but it’s an investment we try to make time for. We cover a wide range of topics from money, in-laws, to you-name-it. Today we hit heads and identified some key areas that we both struggle with. In order to work through those things, we’ve determined that we need to speak the other’s language, and speak it well. This concept comes from Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, “The 5 Love Languages.” My language is Words of Affirmation and my wife’s isQuality Time. Neither of us naturally speak the other’s language. We have to really work at it.

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Abandon Fear and Go All-In

I’ve always been inspired by people who have successful careers, are at the top of their game and then throw caution to the wind by selling everything they have, cutting ties to their old life and pursuing a long-standing dream in their new-found freedom. Doesn’t simply reading those stories fill you with a sense of amazement and inspire you, even if for a brief moment? Seeing their faces when they tell their stories, with an infectious grin from ear to ear, that’s the passion and all-in attitude we need in the workplace today.

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My Undergrad Poem

To my wife upon graduating in 2013.

A boy went off to college,
His wife there by his side,
His God to keep and guide him,
What could he want besides?

Love reigned and kept them,
The couple newlywed,
Through victory, defeat, and hope,
In their tiny little homestead

He dabbled in engineering,
But mechanics just wasn’t his thing,
Business school seemed promising,
“I think I’ll try: accounting!”

Debits equaled credits,
At least, on a good day,
And with each moment passing,
They looked forward to that day

A day they vowed
Before their vows were given,
They would one day accomplish,
With the help of Heaven

Some said,
“Surely you must be mad!
Go get a job, don’t be a snob,
There are greater things to be had!”

But they pressed onward still,
Not turning right or left,
The couple, you see, experienced the thrill
Of watching God work out the cleft

Summers came and went,
The spring, the winter, fall
Semesters seemed to never end,
Life was moving at a crawl

Eventually they saw some light,
An internship was given,
So Mr. and Mrs. left the town,
To taste of future living

The audits pressed on and on,
With lots of late night oil,
Some paychecks too were collected,
That seemed to lighten the toil

The time was up, and came the day
When offers would be made,
The Mr. and the Mrs. prayed,
And accepted the offer, Thursday

So hope in hand, they came right back
To that maroon and white town,
One trial remained to be won,
Cost Accounting was going down!

The Mister, he was short on hope,
Since the class was quite a beast
But with the Lord and the Mrs. behind
Cost Accounting: deceased!

Friends cheered and congratulated them,
Quite an accomplishment they had achieved,
But they remember those long, hard nights
And the blessed God that relieved.

So now the boy is a man,
His wife and college grew him up,
With his wife holding hands and diploma in the other,
The future is starting to look UP!