About Me

Meet the Bowtie.


Iā€™m Ryan. Iā€™m a husband, dad, Christian, wearer of bow ties, gamer, graphic designer and a Cyber Risk Fighter. I hail from The Sip (Mississippi).

My mission is to spread the šŸ’œ of Christ through approaching the world with an otherworldly-sense of wonder and sarcasm smothered in love, digging out those tasty little nuggets of truth that go well with coffee.

where am I?

You're on my blog! I cover a variety of topics here: anything from theological musings to corporate ideas and branding. I also like to dabble, and lately that's mostly photography.

In 2017, I obtained my CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor).

what's with the name?

My undergraduate degree is in Accountancy (Accounting), and that includes knowledge of accrual (accumulation) accounting.

My love for bow ties is thanks to a great friend, as well as being a Whovian.

Putting together my experience in accounting, my love for bow ties, and my inescapable love for puns, I came up with the name: accrualbowtie.

let's connect

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