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My name is Ryan, and I’m the chief nerf herder, here.

I’m a full-time CISA, Cyber Fighter, and obvious nerd. I’m also a Level 2 dad and husband to the world’s coolest registered dietitian.

Within these walls you’ll find a general chill environment, articles on gaming (including reviews), cybersecurity, business, theology, and life stuff, with some lightly-sprinkled sarcasm.

My goal is to open your brain house with conversation and introspection, stimulate your serotonin, and help you to enjoy yourself more considering life’s 0 respawn rate.

If you’d like to connect on the planes of the interweb, hit me up on my network page.


Game Collector & PC Gamer



(everyone loves a good origin story, right?)


A Bowtie is Born

The year is 1986. I was born. VHS’s were all the rage, the NES is killing it, and Chernobyl hadn’t happened yet. Doctors stared in wonder as I emerged donning a fully-tied bow tie.

Childhood Glory Days

By kindergarten, I had experienced the glories of the NES, including Mario and Contra. When I turned 5, Santa showed up with a Super NES replete with Mario Paint and other gnarly bois. I also collected rocks, built forts, and conquered communist strongholds with my G.I. Joes.

To be continued…
Spoilers: I’m still kicking.

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