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Before I formed the bow tie, it was forming me.

Hi, I’m Ryan. 

I’m a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) at HORNE Cyber. In my free time, I’m a graphic designer, tabletop and PC gamer, hiker / camper, “photographer,” dad to two padawans and husband to Ellen. I love Jesus and I want others to.

I’m passionate about providing quality cybersecurity, business, and nerd insights from my home plate of Mississippi. 

early years

Chapter 1. I was born. 

(I’ll add some more details soon, pinky swear).

stayin’ alive


My personality type has been described as imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, curious
yet conserve energy. I made the mistake of looking up famous INTJs, once. Basically all dictators.

Enneagram 4 /5

An online quiz told me I was a Type Five (“Investigative Thinker”), but I’ve always thought of myself as a Four (“Romantic Individualist”). Can we split the difference?

my mission

To be the nerd hero that cyberfolk, gamers, and Jesus freaks everywhere ultimately strive to be.

my promise

To deliver gracious, joyful points of view to my audience of smart, curious, passionate nerds.

my core

Jesus, coffee, happy sarcasm, imagination, security, and tacos are the center of everything I do.

my vibe

Leave people better than you found them. Make magic.