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faith & life

How God Sees Us

Chances are, you’ve attended a wedding before. Either as a guest, perhaps a best man, flower girl. Whatever your reason, you can remember that moment when the bride is announced. Each person stands, the music strikes, and the bride in all her beauty and grace appears...

How To Wait on God

It’s hard to wait. We’ve all been to this certain restaurant or this certain coffee joint that was promised to be spectacular. So we endure the long lines, maybe glance over the menu until we’ve decided the pros and cons of choosing one dish over another a million...

People Are Not Functions

How often do we stop to consider people as people, and not functions? How many times do I walk by and not consider the past, hurt, heart, desires, fears and concerns of others? The barista in the coffee shop. The check-out clerk in the grocery store. The attendant at...


PC Game Review: Observer

Observer is a grisly, 80’s-styled dystopian nightmare struggling to show redemption in its own storyline. We dive into the details in our PC game review.

security & business

Free Cybersecurity Training Resources

Continuously Updated. Current as of June 26, 2020. Whether it's the post-pandemic landscape requiring you go digital for CPE/CEU or you just want to learn more about cybersecurity, I've got you covered. Here are the courses I've gathered along with whether CPE...