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How To Wait on God

by February 28, 2017Faith and Life0 comments

It’s hard to wait.

We’ve all been to this certain restaurant or this certain coffee joint that was promised to be spectacular. So we endure the long lines, maybe glance over the menu until we’ve decided the pros and cons of choosing one dish over another a million times in our head, even weigh the scales on whether it would be best to leave now or stay committed to our spot in line.

I hear a lot of people express similar feelings when they are waiting on God.

“Well, I know it’s hard but we’re just waiting on the Lord,” they say, with all the enthusiasm of a Soviet prisoner just sentenced to the Gulag.

But waiting on God isn’t anything like that!

Waiting on God gives peaceful rest while spurring us to explosive action!

Every single Christian, right now, regardless of their current life struggle, is waiting. We are waiting for the glorious return of Christ!

1 Peter 1:13 reminds us that we are to live in holy action as we await Christ’s return. Do not live in conformity to the world. Do not cower in defeatism when you see the changing tides of conservatism in America. Effectively reach out with the Gospel from a renewed mind (Romans 12:2).

Hope as Abraham hoped. Even when faced with the slaughtering of his own son before God he did not waver but was active right until the last moment God intervened (Romans 4:20).

Sons and daughters of the True King: do not wait as the world waits. Wait as a child waits when anxiously awaiting the return of their Father. Take a shower and get ready (1 Peter 2:1).

Your labor is not in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Side Note

This is my 1-year blogiversary, anniblogsery, whatever whatever. I’ve done this blog thing for a year. I hope you’ve gotten something out of it. I’ll probably keep doing it anyway in a blissful state of assuming someone is. ♥

I see you. I hear you. Your words matter.

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