let’s network

Whether it’s my 80’s metro vibe or daft puns, clearly there’s some chemistry, here.

Let’s get digital.


I’m an 8-bits baby.


Thanks to the Steam sales, I’ve finally reached the point where I’ll never play every game I own on Steam. Join in my misery.

Destiny 2 / Battlenet

Eyes up, Guardian. Let’s get a fireteam going (except for raids, ain’t nobody got time for those). Battletag is abowtie#11942.


Board Game Geek

Board games are my jam. I love the community it brings. Feel free to add me to see what I’ve been table-topping lately.


If you’re the chatty gamer type, or just like to lurk, you’ll regularly find me in my Discord server or around my Love Thy Nerd familia.


Alright, stop, collaborate, and listen.


If you want to seriously connect for business, the #1 place to connect. As a bonus feature I promise not to spam your feed with motivational garbage.


Brave enough to mix cybersecurity, business, theology, and gaming blurbs. Still waiting on that blue verified badge. Guess I’ll settle for battle royale, instead.

edge of the map

Here there (may) be monsters.


All of my dad chronicles go here. Meh to decent photography.


Nicer photos go here. Arguably professional. Free to a good home.


I like big books and I cannot lie.


I haven’t streamed in years, but I always keep the KappaHD on standby. 


Gaming conquests, some tutorials occassionally will I post, hrmmm!


All of my blog posts can also be found on Medium, if you prefer to read them there.

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Old-fashioned type, eh? Hang on let me sling some vinyl while you fill out this form.

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