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hi, I'm bowtie!

Okay, my real name is Ryan. I’m a bow tier, designer, and cybersecurity fighter currently with HORNE Cyber. I'm passionate about coffee, gaming, and spreading Jesus joy wherever I can. I'm also a level 2 dad.

This is my high ground.


what I'm writing

NIST Upcoming Mobile Security Recomendations

Turning Attention to Mobile Applications NIST 800-163, Vetting the Security of Mobile Applications, was recently revised from its 2015 version to address the evolving landscape of mobile application security. NIST provides details and clarity on how exactly...

what I'm playing


Dice Throne: Season 1

Dice Throne: Season 1 is a new favorite of mine. Combining phase-based turns (think MTG) with a smattering of luck (thanks to the dice), Hero-specific card and dice stacks, this game is a masterpiece.

PC Gaming

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Some people would say Destiny 2 is a failure, but those people haven't achieved god status after Rampage-imbued chained compound bow kills bathe them in a river of Vex milk. Lately it's my game of choice. 

what I'm listening to

PC Gaming


My musical tastes change based on mood, but you'll always hear me bumping Trip Lee, Andy Mineo, Lecrae, Hillsong, Mumford, Keane, and everything in between. I tend towards mellow with peaks of trap.

what I'm shooting


Okay, I'm not a "photographer" by any well-defined bar, but I absolutely love snapping shots. I've decided I'm decent enough that others might enjoy using my work for free on their own projects. Enter Unsplash


Most of my IG photos are chronicling daily life, but every once upon a magical, I'll throw in some stock-ish type photography and post something professional-sounding.