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The Drive to Number One

July 12, 2018 | Security and Business

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the 2018 Domino’s World Rally in Las Vegas. The amount of team unity and energy radiated by the participants and franchisees from across the globe was staggering. This year’s conference theme was “Drive.” HORNE was one of the exhibitors.

During the conference speakers from Domino’s corporate announced their previous goal, to become the number one pizza seller in the world. In February 2018, they accomplished just that. Number One. Their goals are even more ambitious for 2020. Truly, their drive seems unstoppable.

It made me wonder: what can I do to capture such a drive for myself, my team, and my clients? Thankfully, the answer wasn’t far. On display throughout the conference halls was Domino’s three-step plan for establishing a drive.

Drive Growth

In today’s environment, if we’re not growing ourselves, our team, our company, and our customers, we will shrink and fast. Powerful tools such as blockchain and automation are forcing their way into areas where technology did not previously reign. New ‘agile’ communication and project management methods such are allowing teams, companies, and clients to collaborate like never before. These new tools and methods drive growth, but if we are not combatting the mindset of “good enough” wherever we operate, we cannot grow.

Drive Performance

We don’t expect poor performance from the world’s greatest sports cars, and if we want to be number one, we can’t skip performance enhancements for our team and clients.

What trends are we leveraging on to increase performance? Are we piloting the abundance of tools, resources, communication channels that exist around us today to help ourselves and our clients reach their full potential? This will drive efficiency. This will drive performance.

Drive Results

Outcomes speak for themselves. We must make sure the results meet expectations for our clients, for our team members, and for our company. It starts with a hunger to see things through, to deliver, and to do it better, faster and cheaper, than anyone else. This is what “exceeds expectations.” That’s what has made Domino’s the best.

As we deliver results in a way that outperforms the competition, our status quo, and our prior clients’ experience, ensure that the quality of our work and communication is high. Tools must provide clear, correct, qualitative results. Communication must clarify. Accountability must be present. Shared success must exist at all levels.

I’m convinced, based on Domino’s results, that the above framework can elevate our team, our company and our clients to the top spot. It’s not only about crossing the finish line anymore; it’s about more. It’s about winning.

I see you. I hear you. Your words matter.

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